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Fix Bros Fruit Farm

Fix Brothers Fruit FarmFix Brothers Fruit Farm
THE BEES HAVE ARRIVED! This page will be dedicated showing you the current status of the farm. On April 26, 2009 the bees arrived from Louisiana. They were brought in by a tractor trailer and distributed throughout the different orchards. Pollination is a very important part of setting a fruit crop. Blossoms need to be cross pollinated with pollen from a different variety. Honey bees are not the only source of this, but the best for the job. Our Bee-Keeper is Andy Card of Merrimack Valley Apiaries, Massachusettes.

                 This is Glenn. Andy's Son

Bee hives are placed so the bees can work throughout the orchard.

Bee working the blossom.

Glen stores the hives here until he can distribute them to the other farmers.




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