Fix Bros. Fruit Farm 

APPLE SEASON OVER!  Thank you for coming to our Farm!

What's Happening Now on the Farm

Pruning Trees

Chopping Brush

Current Stage of Trees

Working the Fields

Planting new Orchards

The Story of the Tree

This tree is the oldest McIntosh apple tree on Fix Farm.  We figure it is around 100 years old – one of the first ones planted when the farm was established in 1899. 

The variety of this apple is very delicious.  It is the original strain of McIntosh, although not as pretty as the newer strains, the flavor is superior.

So, in order to continue with this variety, Bob cut some wood from the tree and sent it to the Nursery that we use to have 150 trees made of this variety.  We will call it – the Fix McIntosh.

They were planted in our PYO Apple orchard and should produce fruit in a couple of years.  We hope you will enjoy this variety as much as we do.

The old tree is on standard root, many years before dwarfing roots were developed.  You can see how close we can plant these trees now.


The Farm Through the Years

1st Generation - John Henry Fix

2nd Generation - William Henry Fix

3rd Generation - William & Robert Fix


The Farmers that care for our Farm. Three Generations:

Uncle Bill & Father Bob - 3rd generation,

Bobby, Gary & David - 4th generation  

Steve, Brad, Brandon and Angela  - 5th generation

Schedule a Visit in the Fall

Fall School Field Trips

We enjoy having children come to our farm for a field trip in the fall. We host school field trips on weekdays from September through October scheduled season.  Please make a reservation by email or call   518-828-4401 so that we can prepare for a Hay Ride and apple picking.

Little Farmer Package

The cost is $5.00 per child that will include a Hayride, Peck bag for Apples, Cider and small Pumpkin.

Opening Hours

Cherries & Peaches

8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Apples & Pumpkins

10:00 am - 5:00 pm


Open 7 days a week while fruit is available.

Weather Permitting

We do not accept Credit Cards



Videos from the Farm

Uncle Brad introducing chicks to Cam!

Threading the wire for Trellis system

Planting Trees - New Technology

In the past when we planted a new orchard, we had to physically go out with tape measures and sticks to mark out the rows.  Now with GPS technology that we installed in the tractor, you program the row spacing to what you want and it will automatically line up the tractor, so that it drives by itself.   Literally, no hands on the steering wheel.  The lines are very straight and this will cut down on man hours and time.

Securing the wire for Trellis system

Brad and Matt pounding poles to prepare for the "Trellis" system.

Photo Gallery - Pick your Own - Over the years!


Fix Bros. Fruit Farm

We dedicate our new website to Robert Fix, Sr "Dad". He passed on August 26th, 2015. He was 3rd Generation and a major part of the expansion of our farm.

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Farm Location

Call:  518-828-4401, 828-6485, or 828-7560

GPS Address: 215 White Birch Road, Hudson, NY  12534

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