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Sweet Cherries

Season Over

Season Over

Red Sour Cherries

$2.00 /lb

June 30th

Black Sour Cherries

$2.00 /lb

Friday, July 17th


No Schedule Yet

No Schedule Yet


No Schedule Yet

No Schedule Yet

Happy Spring 2015!

Due to much rain, the Sweet Cherry orchard is closed. Season over.

Red Sour Cherries will begin on Tuesday, June 30th. We are still picking Red Sours.

Orchard Hours are 8 am - 5 pm.

Approximate picking schedule. Seasons go like this:

Sweet/Red Sour Cherries - end of June - beginning July (Watch for dates)

Black Sour Cherries - middle of July (Watch for dates)

Peaches - early August (Watch for dates)

Apples/Pears/Pumpkins - September (Watch for dates)

Continue to watch this website for updated information.

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Updated July 5, 2015



Morello Cherry; English Morello Cherry - Also known as Black Sour Cherries:

Seldom found fresh. This sour cherry with dark red skin and flesh is used in a variety of processed products. The blood-red juice is used in making liqueurs and brandies. The cherries can be found canned, packed in syrup, dried and in preservatives. The sharp, sour taste makes the Morello unsuitable for eating raw, but perfect for cooking.


Something new to Fix Bros this year is the self-propelled platform making the pruning job more efficient.



Brad chopping up brush after the guys are done pruning.

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