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Our Orchards

We grow Sweet Cherries (many different varieties), Red Sour Cherries (Mont Morency), Black Sour Cherries (English Morello), Peaches (many varieties), Apples (many varieties), Pears (Seckel, Bosc, Bartlett)

Please see Pick Your Own page for schedule of pick your own.

Innovations and new plantings

As the farm has expanded over the years, Fix Bros. Farm has always implemented new concepts and techniques to improve the health and productivity and of the orchards. This involves planting new apple varieties Ever Crisp, Koru, Luda Crisp, Red Reubens and Crimson Crisp. We still have all the “oldies but goodies” available. And of course, we have Honeycrisp. Some of these new trees are close-planted, which will increase their efficiency and yield. These are close-planted dwarf trees (a technique also known as high density planting) supported by an overhead trellis system.

Global Gap (Good Agricultural Practices)

At Fix Bros. Farm, food and worker safety have always been top priorities. In order to stay up to date on the latest procedures and industry standards, we decided to pursue GlobalGAP (Good Agricultural Practices) certification. GlobalGAP is the most comprehensive set of worldwide standards for safe and sustainable agricultural practices, encompassing food safety and trace-ability, worker safety and training, Integrated Pest Management, and environmental protection. To meet these certification standards, we are required to codify every procedure that takes place on the farm. We were very pleased to receive this certification, knowing that we are able to meet these very high standards. Fifth-generation family members Stephen Fix and Angela Fix are responsible for developing and implementing Fix Bros. GlobalGAP compliance policies and procedures.


Apple trees by design are always trying to grow upward. They constantly sprout new vertical branches that block the light, and prevent the interior apples from fully ripening. Light is also crucial for the development of the fruit buds for the following year’s crop. In order to keep the trees open to allow adequate penetration of light, and to keep branches properly spaced, selected branches are pruned by our workers twice a year (in summer and winter).

Apple Growth Chart

Apple Growth Chart with different stages on the Fix Bros Fruit Farm website, Hudson, New York

Pear Growth Chart

Pear Growth Chart with different stages on the Fix Bros Fruit Farm website, Hudson, New York
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