PYO Schedule

Check below for actual dates as they become ready.

Sweet Cherries – Season Over for 2021

Red Sour Cherries-Season Over for 2021

Black Sour Cherries Season – Season Over for 2021

Peach Season – Starting Wednesday – August 4th.

Peaches are not all ready at one time, as there are many different varieties in the orchard. They will be available for at least one week and typically longer. Remember – we are open every day that there is fruit on the trees.

Apples Season – 2021 Season to be Announced (In September)


As of March 1st, the new law in New York is no more plastic. However, Farms are one of those that are exempt. We are still allowed to supply plastic bags for bulk fruit. We still always encourage folks to bring their own containers. Especially with the more delicate fruit (Cherries & Peaches), it helps for less handling and protects your vehicle from juice leakage. If the peaches are handled to much, they may bruise. Baskets and bags for apples are generally used to pick apples.

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