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Fix Bros Fruit Farm
Fix Brothers Fruit FarmFix Brothers Fruit Farm

An aerial view of the many acres of apples, peaches, pears, sweet and sour cherries on Fix Brothers Fruit Farm, located in the heart of the Hudson Valley in the state of New York. Fix Brothers Fruit Farm is 130 miles north of New York City, NY and 45 miles south of Albany, NY. Plan on coming to the Hudson Valley for a vacation and while you are here, stop by the farm during the summer months to pick your own sweet cherries, sour cherries and peaches.


In the Fall of 2004, The Fix Family was the subject of a Pride of New York campaign advertisement. This campaign is a 9-year-old-effort by the State Department of Agriculture and Markets. This was quite an honor bestowed upon us. See the family photo under "About Us".

We put in a quick link to Bees. This will give some information about the bees. It has been quite a concern this year. Also, check out the photo gallery for updated pictures. And, as requested there is more information on the Pick Your Own page.

This website was updated on October 21, 2013.

Something new at Fix Bros is the Wind Machine. This is used during weather where there is a chance of frost. The object is to take warm air from above and mix it with the cold air at ground level to keep the temp higher and to hopefully prevent the frost. This machine is located in the PYO Apple orchard. It did go on automatically a few times when the temperature went down to 30 degrees!


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